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Software Engineering and Architecture Joint Technical Program (SEA-JTP)

The Software Engineering and Architecture Joint Technical Program (SEA-JTP) consists of presentations given on the last Thursday of each month, February to November inclusive and is supported by both the Australian Computer Society (ACS) and Engineers Australia (EA).

As well as Software Engineering and Architecture, we are also very interested in Systems Engineering, Enterprise Engineering [1] and Enterprise Architecture. For further information on Enterprise Engineering in particular, please click here.

All activities relating to this Program are free for both ACS/EA members and non-members.

The meeting venue will be open at 5:30pm on the night of the presentation, with the presentation itself starting at 6:00pm.


The convenor is Bill Malkin, Enterprise Engineering Australia, who can be contacted on 0414-838-083 and at


Software Engineering and Architecture JTP

Please click on any of the years listed below to see full details of all presentations in that year.

2013 - The Enterprise

2012 - SEI

2011 - Leading Women in Information Technology

2011 - Other Presenters

2010 - Topics in IT and Enterprise Architecture

IT Architecture SIG

2009 - Various Topics in IT

2008 - Various Topics in IT

2007 - Various Topics in IT

2006 - Various Topics in IT



SEA-JTP Objectives.

Engineers Australia Engineers Australia

SA Division [2]

ITEE College [3]

National Committee on Software Engineering (NCSWE) [4]


The Software Engineering and Architecture Joint Technical Program (SEA~JTP) has a LinkedIn Group of the same name. This group will help provide a great networking opportunity for members.

Software Engineering and Architecture Joint Technical Program (SA) [5]


Putting Engineering Back Into Software

The inaugural newsletter is available at Newsletter, October 2006.

The SEA-JTP Magazine is also available at Magazine, August 2010.

Like to Attend?

Information specifically for new Attendees can be found at Info for New Attendees.

Like to Present?

Information specifically for Presenters can be found at Info for Presenters.

Information on ACS and EA Events

ACS (SA) Events [6]

Engineers Australia (SA) Events [7]

Help With English

For academics, and for speakers of English as a second language, this site[8] could be useful for you.

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