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25 November 2010 at Engineers Australia (address details)

Enterprise Architecture versus Solution Architecture

Glenn Smyth
Principal Architect and Director
Fragile To Agile (Asia/Pacific) Pty Ltd [1]

Bio    Abstract    Invitation    Presentation 6.1MB (Attendance: 52)

28 October 2010 at Engineers Australia (address details)

An IEEE Computer Society / SEA-JTP Presentation

(Privacy, Security, Risk)?

Steven Clark

  • Lawyer, Biologist, Educationalist, IT Professional and now PhD Candidate and Tutor, University of South Australia
  • ACS National Deputy Director, Economic, Legal and Social Implications Committee (ELSIC)
  • Member of the IEEE and the ACS

Bio    Abstract (Attendance: 28)

30 September 2010 at Engineers Australia (address details)

Social Intelligence and the Scaling of a Centralised Data Aggregation Service

Daniel Draper
Director & Founder at CodeFire [2]
CEO at NetFox [3]

Bio    Abstract    Presentation[4] (Attendance: 18)

Wednesday, 1 September 2010 at Engineers Australia (address details)

Stefan Wagner
Software Engineer/Architect, Technical Director and Owner
Bayer Pty Ltd [5]

Bio    Presentation 3.0MB (Attendance: 26)

Monday, 19th July 2010 at Engineers Australia (address details)

Memory Box

Michael Terrington
Co-Founder and Technical Director
Memory Box Backup Pty Ltd [6]

Bio and Abstract    Invitation    Presentation[7] (Attendance: 23)

24 June 2010 at Uni of SA, Mawson Lakes (how to get there)

IT Architecture – Bringing IT value to the National Rail Asset 2010

Kym Farnik
Enterprise and IT Architect
Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) [8]

Bio and Abstract    Invitation    Presentation 2.8MB (Attendance: 12 at Mawson Lakes)

27 May 2010 at Engineers Australia (address details)

The Roles and Responsibilities of Engineers and Architects in the Software Construction Industry

Bill Malkin
Software Engineer/Architect

Bio    Abstract    Invitation    Presentation 6.8MB (Attendance: 45)

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